Setting up New PDKΒΆ

This section describes how to get BAG 2.0 to work with a new PDK.

  1. Create a new technology configuration file for this PDK. See Technology Configuration File for a description of the technology configuration file format.

  2. Create a new BAG configuration file for this PDK. You can simply copy an existing configuration, then change the fields listed in Changing Process Technology.

  3. Create a new BAG_prim library for this PDK. The easiest way to do this is to copy an existing BAG_prim library, then change the underlying instances to be instances from the new PDK. You should use the pPar command in Virtuoso to pass CDF parameters from BAG_prim instances to PDK instances.

  4. Change your cds.lib to refer to the new BAG_prim library.

  5. To avoid everyone having their own python design modules for BAG primitive, you should generated a global design module library for BAG primitives, then ask every user to include this global library in their bag_libs.def file. To do so, setup a BAG workspace and execute the following commands:

    import bag
    prj = bag.BagProject()

    now copy the generate design library to a global location.